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Swedish Massage
A stress-relieving massage designed to maximize relaxation and rejuvenate body and mind.

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep muscle massage designed to focus on specific areas of pain or injury.

Sports Massage
To help prevent athletic injury, increase flexibility and range of motion, and relieve tight, overworked muscles.

Hot Stone Massage
The warmth of these smooth basalt stones is not only soothing but can help to soften fascia and muscle in order to address problem areas deeper in the tissues.


Pregnancy Massage
Designed especially for the "Mother-to-be," this massage is a great way to help her body adjust to the changes that occur during pregnancy. It is not recommended for women in their first trimester.



Herbal Body Wraps
The perfect way to wind down after a long week or hard day.We'll wrap you in a moist, fragrant cocoon of warm sheets scented with essential oils  while we massage your face, scalp and feet.  Follow with a massage for the ultimate relaxation experience. 


Warm Paraffin Treatment
After a soothing, scented soak, enjoy the luxurious pampering of warmed paraffin for your hands and feet.  Who doesn't love silky feeling skin?!


Suit your mood or frame of mind with soothing lavender, stress-relieving peppermint or invigorating eucalyptus.          (additional scents available)


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